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  • The management reserve the right to change, amend or add to these rules as they see fit by giving no further notice.  A client is deemed to have accepted these rules by placing a bet with the company.


Age Restriction

  • The company only accepts bets from clients over the age of 18.

  • The right to void any transactions with under 18's or defaulters is reserved.


Placing Bets

  • A bet shall be deemed void if it is not transmitted in full.

  • A number of bets may be treated as being one when a client places multiple copies of the same bet.

  • The company reserves the right to void bets where there may be evidence of collusion between two or more clients and reserves the right to refuse any bet or part of a bet without giving a reason at any time.

  • Where a client gives ambiguous instructions the company reserves the right to split the total staked between the potential outcomes.  Where this is impractical the company reserves the right to void the bet.  In either instance the decision of the company is final.

  • Multiple bets are accepted; however no such bet can be accepted where the result of one leg influences the outcome of another.

  • All prices are subject to variation and become fixed at the time a bet is placed.

  • The company reserves the right to refuse any bet without explanation.

  • Bets will be accepted up to the advertised start time.  If a bet is inadvertently accepted (which includes an event after its start time) the company reserve the right to void any affected if it is not odds from in-play betting.


Customer Disputes

  • The company cannot be held responsible for any typing or human error in offering odds other than those intended.  In the event that this occurs, the company reserves the right to either void any affected bets or to correct the error.


Bet Settlement

  • All winning bets will be settled at the prices shown and agreed by the company at the time the bet was accepted. This does not include palpable errors or any post-game disputes by either team that alters the final outcome of a game at a later point.

  • Statistics provided by the official score provider or the official website of the relevant competition or fixture will be used to settle wagers unless otherwise stated.

  • Where statistics from an official score(s) provider or official website are not available or there is significant evidence that the official score(s) provider or official website is incorrect, we will use independent evidence to support bet settlement.

  • A number of circumstances may arise where a bet or wager is accepted, or a payment is made, by us in error.  A non-exhaustive list of such circumstances would be where for instance we misstate any odds or terms of a bet or gaming wager to you as a result of obvious error or omission in inputting the information or setting up a market, or as a result of a computer malfunction or where we have made a palpable error

  • A palpable error occurs where in relation to bets placed prior to an event taking place, the prices/terms offered are materially different from those available in the general market or in relation to any event, the price/terms offered at the time the bet is placed are clearly incorrect given the probability of the event occurring.  A palpable error could be any incorrect information published in regard to an event. For example, incorrectly (reversed) setup handicap, wrong team/teams/participants, incorrect deadlines or technical errors etc.


Maximum/Minimum Stake - Payout

  • The minimum stake per bet is N 100
  • The maximum stake per bet is N 10,000,000
  • The maximum payout per betslip is N 5,000,000
  • The maximum payout per day per customer is N 500,000


Related Bets

  • Multiple bets that combine different selections within the same event are not accepted where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other. For example, in a Football match involving Manchester United, two selections may be: Manchester United to win 2-0and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney to be scorer of the first match goal. The bets are related as Wayne Rooney's goal-scoring performance would influence Manchester United winning the match 2-0.  A double combining the above selections is not possible using their market prices.  Special prices may be offered for the combined eventuality.  When a special price is not available and such a bet is taken in error, it will be settled as two single bets with the stake equally divided.

  • For multiple bets that combine selections that are resolved at different times but still within the same tournament, these will be settled as instructed with the price of the second or subsequent selection being determined at each individual stage. For example, in a tennis tournament two selections may be: Roger Federer to win the semi-final of Wimbledon and Roger Federer to win the Wimbledon tournament outright. As the odds of the second selection depends on the outcome of the first, the odds of Roger Federer winning the tournament at the time the bet was accepted cannot be used to calculate the double odds.  The correct odds after the initial selection is completed will be attributed instead.

  • For multiple bets that combine selections within different events, where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other if a bet is taken inadvertently the company reserves the right to void part of or the whole of the bet.


Ante Post Bets

  • Ante post bets are those placed at prices on named selections taking part in an event before it has started.  Bets are accepted all in, run or not, entered or not, which means that should your selection fail to take part in an event, the bet is a loser unless our rules for an individual sport specifically state otherwise.


Price Fluctuations

  • All prices are subject to fluctuation at all times and without notice.


Time of Acceptance

  • All bets selected with pre-match prices taken from the company will be accepted up until the start time displayed in offer list.  If a bet is accepted which includes a match that has already started and we are not offering prices in play, that selection will be void.  If we are offering prices in play on the match, the selection will accepted at the current price quoted, only if the selection is chosen from the live odds markets If for any reason, the selection is from the pre match odds, the bet will be void according to official kick off time.


Abandoned Matches / Postponed / Rearranged Matches

  • All bets will be void on matches that are Abandoned/Postponed/Rearranged to play, unless the match is rescheduled to play within the following 24 hours of the original starting time, or unless our rules for an individual sport specifically state otherwise. Any outcome already determined, prior to an abandonment will be resulted.


In Play / Live Betting

  • The company makes every attempt to establish a fair assessment of events that transpire during an In Play match on a good faith basis with reference to the TV broadcaster's coverage.  Situations may arise where it is not possible to categorically state what has happened.  In the event that a matter requires closer examination, or the TV broadcasters coverage is interrupted or fails to start on time for whatever reason, or there is a technical failure in the trading facilities available to the company traders, we reserve the right to withhold settlement pending further investigation or to void bets.

  • If there is no further activity in an event following the acceptance of an in play bet, these bets will be made void, unless specific sports rules state otherwise.  If it transpires that the TV broadcaster misses one or more events during a match or we settle a bet incorrectly, we reserve the right to make both positive and negative retrospective adjustments to accounts.  We rely on the decisions of the officials acting during the course of the game, match or tournament and these decisions shall be final regardless of whether they are subsequently overturned by appeal or otherwise.

DEPOSIT / WITHDRAWAL / MONEY LAUNDERING (this should be attached to the

differently like betting, sport, general T&C…) has the right to cancel or declare as void (in its sole discretion) transactions of what kind so ever

that show irregularities, in particular irregularities of the following nature:

1) The name and address of the player do not match the name and address associated with the credit card, or

other mode of payment, used by the player/customer.

2) Any irregularity which may negatively affect the processing of payment transactions and/or which gives rise to

the suspicion of a violation of the General Terms and Conditions.

3) takes any form of fraudulent activity of players/customer in connection with services and/or

products offered by very seriously. Any fraudulent activity, as determined at´s sole

discretion, is strictly prohibited. Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, stolen credit cards, transfer

of funds to other player accounts (chip dumping), forgery, collusion, and the provision of false registration data or

other requested information. In addition to any other remedies provided under the general terms and conditions

or the applicable game rules, reserves the right to pursue claims for criminal prosecution and/or

civil damages for any fraudulent activities. For this purpose, furthermore reserves the right to

record telephone calls with customers in order to pass on to third parties for the purpose of prosecution. Any

player/customer involved in any form of suspected fraudulent activity and any suspicious transaction will be

reported to the appropriate authorities.

4) Furthermore, it is unlawful to deposit funds obtained from ill-gotten means on the Account. will check all transactions to prevent money laundering and funding of terrorists activities.

Suspicious transactions will be reported to the authorities in charge.

Any decision of regarding the invalidation of transactions shall be binding upon the

player/customer and lies within the sole discretion of and may not be contested by the

player/customer. In case of any irregularities in payment transactions as described in 1) to 4) above or in case of

reasonable suspicions concerning the violation of any rules governing gaming or betting at (i.e.

these General Terms and Conditions, the rules of the game and specific rules as applicable) may at

its sole discretion, declare the transactions concerned invalid.

In every case reserves the right to hold/charge costs which can occur after each procedure

(transaction fees, court costs etc.).

Deposits made to your account should be played three (3) times before you can request a

withdrawal (e.g. If you deposit ₦1000, your total betting cost should be at least ₦3000 in order to request

withdrawal). Therefore, if in´s discretion, there is suspicion of abuse (for instance, where a

deposited amount has not been used for an appropriate level of game play and the user then makes a withdrawal

request in relation to that deposited amount), reserves the right in its absolute discretion to cancel

the respective deposit(s) in part or in full, to retract any costs that may have resulted in conjunction therewith and

to close the account indefinitely. further reserves the right to request and obtain

satisfactory proof of deposit and additional copies of personal identification in such instances prior to processing

any withdrawal request, the processing of such request to be entirely at´s discretion.

Other rules on Betting T&C

1. All the users shall always ensure:

- That they fill-in their true residence address

- That they register in their own name

- That they fill-in their true e-mail address

- That they fill-in their true residence telephone and cell phone numbers

- That they hold one and only one betting account

- That they do not act for somebody else's interest, or on somebody else's account

- That they do not deposit money that comes from criminal activities

- That they do not use their account for money 'laundering'.

2. The placement of multiple bets for a single game is impossible. Should such thing happen, due to a human, or a

system-related mistake, all the bets placed for such game will be cancelled. In such case, the odds will be equal to

'one' (1).

3. No confirmed bet can be modified, or cancelled, by the player. The company has the right to cancel accepted

bets until one hour before the beginning of the game, without justification, only upon notification of the user, by

an e-mail sent to the address he/ she stated in the registration form, or by contacting him/ her by telephone.

4. In case of a visible mistake in the published odds, the company has the right to correct the faulty odds, and to

simultaneously cancel the slips containing this particular game, even if the result of the game has already been

shaped. In case of a single result, the wager is returned to the player. In case of multiple bets, the game will be

given 'one' (1).

5. The maximum profit per betting, regardless of whether it is a single or a system (per bet) slip betting, is limited

to the amount of ₦3,000,000, or any equivalent amount in any other currency.

6. is in no case responsible for problems related to problematic PCs, telecommunication lines or

internet connections, nor for play methods implemented by clients who are not approved by our company.

7. In spite of the fact that all the necessary measures are taken, in order to protect the Software against viruses,

we cannot and will not guarantee you that your PC will not be affected, with such thing resulting to the

interruption of our services. The services will be rendered again, within the reasonable time period required for

the restoration of any damage you may suffer, after the interruption of our services.

8. By accessing the Internet Site Addresses of you accept the terms and requirements of this

agreement. If you do not agree with the above terms and requirements, please, do not access our internet site


9. Players will be required to provide a government ID for online withdrawals to be processed


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