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How to play
How to create an Account
-To place a bet first you need to have an account.
Why are some bets cancelled?
-There are various reasons why bets are cancelled. Refer to the rules of the particular sports clicking on rules from the menu.
How can I place a bet?
-Log in with your user id and password. Select one or several bets from our programme and check the expected outcome by clicking on your mouse. You will then see your bet appear on the betting ticket on the right side of the page. Next, select the amount you want to bet and your preferred type of bet - single, combined or system bet (combined bets require a minimum of two tips and system bets three tips); then click on «ACCEPT BET». Finally, you will have to decide whether you wish to finalise or cancel your bet.
When I try to place a bet, I get a message that I have exceeded the winning limit. How high is the winning limit?
-The maximum profit per betting, regardless of whether it is a single or a system slip betting, is limited to the amount of 5 000 000 NGN, or any equivalent amount in any other currency.
I placed a bet by accident. What can I do?
-Before you conclude a bet, you can click on «CANCEL» in the bet slip and not place the bet. Once you have confirmed the bet slip, however, your bet is accepted and can no longer be cancelled. however go to account click on betlist select the ticket and you will see cancel.
How can I see whether my bet was accepted?
-Once you have confirmed your bet by clicking on «CONFIRM» on the bet slip, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance if the bet has been placed successfully. Each bet that you place will appear in your betting account under «Bets List».
What type of bets are there?
-At, you can choose from two different types of bets (single and combination). Starting with one pick, you can use the single bet option (single), with two or more picks you can place multi (parlay) bets, and with three or more picks you can place a system bet. Please note: If you would prefer to place single, you need to select the desired option. I bet on a game that was postponed. What happens to my bet? If a betting event fails to take place as scheduled, for any reason, or if it ends without an official score and is not resumed within 24 hours, the stakes will be refunded or credited to your account. My bet has not been settled yet. Why not? First of all, please check the detailed view of the corresponding bet under «BETS»/«Bets List» to make sure that the betting event has already taken place. If the event has already taken place and more than three hours have elapsed since the announcement of the results but your bet is still open, please contact our customer support team, indicating your user ID and the corresponding bet slip number (as displayed in the detailed view of the bet). Please note that there may sometimes be delays in the evaluation because the results must be confirmed by official sources. In the case of live bets, the bets are evaluated in real time as the game progresses. In individual cases, there may be delays in the settlement. For example, it may be necessary to review the film footage in order to ensure a correct evaluation. This cannot be done until the game is over, since managing the live bet generally takes priority.
How do I place a live bet?
• Selecting a live event from the list will open a new page. You will find an overview of all the other events that are available live at any time in the left-hand margin.
• The centre of the page shows the types of bets available for the selected event.
• Click on the desired pick to add it to your bet slip. • You will see your pick on the bet slip on the right-hand side of the page.
• Next, specify the amount you wish to wager and click on «Bet» to confirm the bet.
• Your picks will be checked. If your bet is accepted, you will receive a bet confirmation notification.
• Once your bet has been placed successfully, you will receive a confirmation notification. If it has not been possible to place your bet, you will be informed of the reason. Please note that our rules do not permit cancelling of bets once they have been placed. Why can’t I place my live bet? -Bets cannot be placed for the following reasons. It is possible that a number of these cases will apply.
• The odds of your selected pick have increased or decreased. Please use the update button () to accept it. You can also activate automatic acceptance of odds changes on your bet slip to shorten the process.
• Your pick is currently not on offer. Please deselect this pick or use the update button ().
• It is possible that a bet cannot be placed for a number of reasons. You can either resolve each issue manually by deselecting/deleting the pick concerned.
How can I shorten the live bet placement process?
The odds on the bet slip are updated regularly and, as such, they can increase or decrease at any time. Select «Accept any odds changes» and ncreased and decreased odds will automatically be accepted until the bet is placed. This would also include odds changes during confirmation of the bet.
Why do the odds keep changing?
Live bets are offered during a competition. Therefore, the odds are continually adjusted to reflect the current state of play. There is an option on the bet slip during live betting offers, where you can select to automatically accept odds changes even if they change while placing a live bet. Please read the FAQ «How can I shorten the live bet placement process?»
- Bank Transfer You can make quick, easy and secure bank transfers via our bank account. Your deposit will be credited to your 360bet account as soon as we receive your transfer (Monday to Friday).
• Secure - One of the safest international payment methods. Both account holders must have a proven identity, and information stored electronically is transmitted securely via encrypted communications methods.
• Convenient - No cash or cheque exchange is involved. Funds are transferred directly (electronically) from one bank to the other. STEPS top STEP 1 Simply click on Bank Transfer. STEP 2 Please note or print personal reference number and our bank details. STEP 3 Make your transfer via online banking or in your nearest bank. Please enter the reference number under purpose of payment every time you make a transfer. STEP 4 You will receive a notification e-mail as soon as the funds are available in your 360bet account. or you can use any of our online platform - GTpay - pay4me - interswitch Withdrawals Withdrawals and identity verification. Only real money winnings can be withdrawn from the account. 360bet reserves the right to request proof of identity (passport copy, driver's licence or identity card) as well as any other document enabling full customer verification (recent utility bill or bank statement). The first withdraw should be made only by bank transfer. In the case of discrepancies or failure to produce valid documents, the gaming transactions will be cancelled and winnings will not be paid out to the user, unless the user proves their right to the balance in their account in another way. If it turns out that a user has registered several times, the company may refuse the payment of balances on these accounts. Minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum payout amount for bank transfers is equal to 1000 NGN. Withdrawals to different name. The payment of winnings will only be effected in the name of the respective account holder. Details The total withdraw amount should not be greater than the total deposit amount, completed with the correspondant deposit method, except withdraws to your bank account. Frequently Asked Questions What is an IBAN? The International Bank Account Number or ????, is your bank account number structured according to the standards set by the European Committee for Banking Standards. What is a BIC/SWIFT? The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is the bank identification code used worldwide (often called the SWIFT address). What is a CSC/CVC2/CVV2; CSC (Card Security Code): The card security code is a three- or four-digit number usually found on the signature panel of a card. This fraud management tool has various names. Visa calls it CVV2, MasterCard calls it CVC2, and American Express calls it CID. Minimum deposit - withdrawal amount The minimum deposit amount for bank transfers is equal to 1000 NGN. The minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers is equal to 1000 NGN. What card details do I need to enter? When depositing for the first time you will need to enter the long card number across the middle of the card, the expiry dates and your CSC number. Do I need to enter my card details every time I make a transaction? No, if you have already made a deposit, then any subsequent transactions will be made using the card details that you last registered on your account. You may be asked to enter the CSC number (last 3 digits on the signature strip) each time you deposit online. I have requested a withdrawal, but now I want to return the money to my account. In exceptional cases it may still be possible to cancel the transaction, depending on how far along the withdrawal process is. In that regard, please send an e-mail message to our customer support team indicating your username and the reason for cancelling your withdrawal. How safe are my details? Security is the keyword for 360bet, the whole structure of our Hardware and Software is protected by the most advanced and sophisticated IT technologies. All sensible data are transferred encrypted via SSL. Moreover we guarantee to our customers the maximum secrecy in regard to European legislation on privacy and the security that all data from our database are under no circumstances transferred to third parties or accessible by third parts. What can I do when I forget my username or password? To request a new Password, click on «Forgotten password?» at Home Page. • Fill your Username. • You will be sent a e-mail including a link to set a new password shortly. • To request a new password you need to answer the personal question and select you Birth Day that you specified during registration. • Fill your new password. If you have forgotten your username, click on «Forgotten password?» at Home Page. • Click on «Forgotten your username?». • Fill necessary information and click « SUBMIT ». Please note: Your username will be sent to you by email that you entered at registration. For this reason, always make sure to use an active e-mail address in your 360bet account! Instructions Register In order to bet, you have to be registered as a 360bet user. How you would open an account You will be informed about the current payment methods, in the first e-mail that you will get from us, along with activating your account. Affiliates If you are passionate about sports and bets and you own an Internet site or a Cyber Cafe, 360bet offers you a unique business opportunity. You just need to invest a small part of your time, our affiliate program can guarantee a constant and rewarding profit due to the high quality and the reliability of our products, making use of the positive image of 360bet as the leading company on the European online Gambling sector since several years. Our software and our advanced technology enable you to monitor in real time the number of your customers and the commissions you have earned. Don't miss this opportunity, if you want to work with us send us immediately e-mail at with the following information: • First name • Surname • Invoice address • Company name • Street/House number • Zip • City • E-mail address • Country • Language Shortly thereafter a representative will contact you to discuss all the aspects of the affiliate programme itself Bonus Bonus - General Conditions • We allow only one bonus/refund/prize per person, family, IP-address, PC. • We reserve the right to withhold any bonus payment if we believe that a particular promotion and/or bonus has been abused and/or where the terms of the offer have not been fulfilled and/or any irregular betting patterns are detected. The Company´s decision shall be final in this regard. • Each player, is only allowed to receive either one FREE 200 NGN Like Bonus or a FREE 200 NGN Playsafecard and his not allowed to use/combine both offers. The Offer • This sportsbook welcome bonus offer consists of a 100% bonus of your first qualifying deposit up to a maximum bonus of 30 000 NGN . • A minimum deposit of 2 000 NGN is required to be eligible for the bonus. • In order to qualify for the bonus a customer should not transfer any of the funds located in his sportsbook account to another product and he should consume the total deposit amount to sports betting. Wagering requirements • The amount of the welcome bonus must be turned over five 5 times in our sportsbook on odds 2.00 or above before a withdrawal can be requested and/or a transfer to other products can be made. Example: If the bonus amount received is 30 000 NGN the required amount of turnover is 150 000 NGN (30 000 NGN x 5 = 150 000 NGN ) with 5(five) bets and total odd on each bet 2.00 or above. NOTE: In case if bet is lower or higher from the amount of bonus, the bonus and the amount of possible winnings after the bonus was credited will be deducted from account of user. Also in case if Welcome Bonus will be played with odd lower than 2.00, then you completely lose the right to withdraw your Welcome Bonus and the amount of possible winnings after the bonus was credited. • The required amount of turn over counts from when the bonus amount has been credited to your sportsbook account. • If a withdrawal is requested before the requirements are met, the withdrawal will not be paid out and your bonus amount may be deducted and this in the Company´s sole discretion. • Even if you lose a part of the deposit and/or bonus amount, you still need to reach the turn over requirements before any part of the deposit or bonus amount can be withdrawn. • If bonus requirements haven't been met within one 1 month (unless another term has been set in the bonus specific Terms and Conditions) from when the bonus was first given, the bonus will be cancelled and deducted from the account. Other Terms & Conditions • No other offer or promotional offer can be combined with this offer. • This offer is only available to those customers who have never received a welcome offer. • We allow only one bonus/refund/prize per person and IP-address. • Any abuse of the offer will lead to the closure of account. No refund of deposit will be given. Determination of abuse is based on a case by case basis and in the Company´s sole discretion. • We reserve the right to stop any withdrawal attempt if any kind of abuse is found. Determination of abuse is based on a case by case basis and in the Company´s sole discretion. • To receive bonus you need to verify your ID. • An account is personal and shall only be used by the person whose details match those registered under the account. Failure to abide by this may result in closure of the account and immediate disqualification. • The above conditions are additional to the General Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions and/or withdraw this promotion at any time with or without cause and with or without notice. Players are strongly advised to regularly review the related Terms and Conditions to keep up to date with any changes. • In case of conflict or discrepancy between the English language version of these terms and conditions and the translated versions in all other languages, the English language version shall prevail. • We reserve the right to withhold any bonus payment if we believe that a particular promotion and/or the first deposit bonus has been abused and/or where the terms of the offer have not been fulfilled and/or any irregular betting patterns are detected. The Company´s decision shall be final in this regard. • The Company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to reclaim the value of the bonus and/or to determine whether to settle the bet at correct odds and/or void the free bets and/or void any bet funded by the deposit bonus in the case where the Company detects that a bet and/or a series of bets placed by a customer, or a group of customers, guarantees customer profits, irrespective of the outcome of an event. N.B. Bets placed in this way do not count towards bonus turnover requirements.


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